10mm Gold Rounded Magnetic Clasp for Flat Leather

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10mm Gold Rounded Magnetic Clasp for Flat Leather. One of our most popular clasps! The rounded edges offer a different look than the squared edges of other magnetic clasps. If you find that your new bracelet is opening too easily with this clasp, try bending and flexing the leather in to the curve of the bracelet shape. A freshly cut piece of leather will still be trying to straighten out and puts a lot of torque on the clasp, so bending it helps the clasp stay closed. These ends cannot be crimped. You will need to use a super glue to glue in the leather. Length: 21.5mm. Width: 14mm. Height: 6.5mm. Hole Size: 10mm x 2.5mm. Zinc plated with gold, clear coated. Free of lead, cadmium. Hypoallergenic.