15mm Grey Acetate Two Hole Coin Connector

15mm Grey Acetate Two Hole Coin Connector

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15mm Grey Acetate Two Hole Coin Connector. Add a POP of color to your jewelry designs with these colorful components! These acetate components are durable and lightweight making them a great option to add to your creations! Acetate is a great material to use in jewelry because it is hypoallergenic, lead free, cadmium free and nickel safe. Cellulose acetate is a natural and renewable material, providing an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics. This material was first used for eyewear in the late 1940’s (developed in 1865!) so it’s safe to say that it truly is time-tested! It is manufactured from purified natural cellulose. Natural cellulose of the appropriate properties is derived primarily from two sources, cotton linters and wood pulp. Use leather cord or chain with a jump ring to make a fun necklace or add jump rings and ear wire to make a funky pair of earrings. Sold 2 pieces per pack.