8mm Rose Wood Round Beads - 16 Inch Strand

8mm Rose Wood Round Beads - 16 Inch Strand

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8mm Rose Wood Round Beads - 16 Inch Strand. Rosewood is a hardwood found in the Phillipines. The soft, blush color is deceptive, this wood variety is so hard that it is often used in heavy construction for beams, joists, and poles. The proper name for Rosewood is Petersianthus quadrialatus, and it is also known as Toog, Phillipine Rosewood, Kapullan, and Magtalisai. These wood beads are great for rustic, earthy stringing projects. Their smooth natural design is lightweight, matches well with gemstones, and can be strung with a wide variety of stringing materials. The drill holes on these wood beads are approximately .08mm - 1.1mm. These beads have not been dyed, treated, or color-enhanced. Approximately 50 beads per strand.