Basic and Advanced Chain Maille

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Chain maille expert Lauren Andersen guides you through eight of the basic and advanced chain maille weaves. Once perfected, these weaves can be applied to making a variety of chain maille jewelry items. Learn how to weave like the experts! This booklet features more than 220 outstanding step-by-step photos and demonstrates how the different techniques are used to make weaves and patterns using Artistic Wire Chain Maille Rings and tools. The basic weaves covered in this booklet are: Byzantine/Birdcage, European 4-in-1, Turkish Round, and Full Persian/Foxtail. The advanced weaves are: Half-Persian 3-in-1, Japanese 12-in-2, Parallel Helm's Weave, and Dragonscale. Softcover, 62 pages, measures 7" x 9". Sold individually.