1 Inch Circle Sterling Silver-Filled Stamping Blank

1 Inch Circle Sterling Silver-Filled Stamping Blank

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1 Inch circle silver-filled stamping blank 24 gauge, no hole. Use these perfectly round stamping blanks to make personalized jewelry, dog tags and crafts with metal stamps, texturing hammers, doming blocks, paint and more. Silver-filled blanks can be oxidized, tumbled, and soldered. This stamping blank does not have a hole. To create a hole, you can use metal punching tools such as the Two-Hole Metal Punch or the Metal Hole Punch Pliers. Silver-filled means each stamping blank has a layer of silver bonded on to copper, unlike silver plated which is simply a microscopic film. Silver-filled is 10% weight in sterling silver, is non-allergenic and has the look of Sterling Silver at a fraction of the cost.