Custom Creations

Custom Creation artisan lampwork beads are unique items custom made for you. Each lampwork bead is handmade without a mold making it slightly different from the next, and is annealed to ensure strength for daily use or wear. Custom Creation artisan lampwork beads are available in a variety of styles from animals, awareness, and holiday themes to large hole beads and lampwork sets. Custom Creation beads are high quality and beautifully made so you know you are getting the artisan quality you want. Check out our selection today!

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Sold individually.

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CLEARANCE PRICED! 10mm Pink Ribbon Awareness Beads with Dots - Horizontal [...]


Clearance $6.29

Sold individually.

31 Available

CLEARANCE PRICED! 14mm Pink Ribbon Disc-Shaped Glass Bead with Dots - Horizontal [...]


Clearance $2.79

Sold individually.

35 Available

CLEARANCE PRICED! 12mm Teal Ribbon Awareness Beads with Dots - Vertical [...]


Clearance $8.99

Sold individually.

2 Available

CLEARANCE PRICED! Handmade Teal Ribbon Lampwork Large Hole [...]


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Sold individually.

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CLEARANCE PRICED! Handmade Carrot Parade Lampwork Large Hole [...]

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